Week 8: Strike Breakthrough

Finally, after 40 days of idle factories, the strike of UAW workers at GM plants has ended. The strike, which has been a major storyline of this blog since week 3, officially stopped when UAW workers confirmed the new labor deal with a 57% majority. Nora Naughton of the Wall Street Journal reports that theContinue reading “Week 8: Strike Breakthrough”

Blog Post 4: The Strike Goes On

As the UAW strike at General Motors plants headed into a second week, it is starting to negatively affect the Michigan economy. Although the impact is localized for now, if the strike continues, it could spell trouble. Kris Maher of the Wall Street Journal cites several economists who worry, “Michigan’s economy could be vulnerable toContinue reading “Blog Post 4: The Strike Goes On”

Week 3: Strikes

Another busy week for General Motors! Last week I predicted that contract negotiations between the UAW and GM would “be a story to watch in the coming days and weeks.” By Monday of this week, stories came out that UAW workers at General Motors plants, “went on a nationwide strike early Monday morning in theContinue reading “Week 3: Strikes”

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