Week 12: Corruption, Lawsuits, and the Like

            In the past, this blog has spoken only briefly about the ongoing corruption investigation into the UAW. That will now change. Gary Jones has stepped away from his role at the union, making him the now former president of the UAW (WSJ). As reported by Christina Rogers of the Wall Street Journal, “Mr. JonesContinue reading “Week 12: Corruption, Lawsuits, and the Like”

Week 11: Shortages and Emissions Battles

In a relatively slow week for General Motors, at least in terms of stories from the Wall Street Journal, the auto maker’s stakeholders are still being affected by the company’s actions.             Up until now, this blog has only discussed the ramifications of the strike in terms of two parties: GM and the UAW. However,Continue reading “Week 11: Shortages and Emissions Battles”

Week 10: Major Factory Deal

As a result of the newly ratified contract between General Motors and the United Auto Workers, GM has sold its Lordstown, Ohio Plant. The plant was sold to Lordstown Motors Corporation, an electric truck maker owned by the Workhorse Group. Mike Colias reports that, “the electric-truck startup plans to use union labor,” which is greatContinue reading “Week 10: Major Factory Deal”

Week 9: Results of the Strike: You’re Out (nearly 3 billion dollars!)

After a 40-day strike at its U.S. factories, the company “lowered its full-year profit outlook,” as reported by Mike Colias of the Wall Street Journal. The company reported that the strike, “wiped out nearly all its free cash flow for the year and will cost the Detroit auto maker close to $3 billion in lostContinue reading “Week 9: Results of the Strike: You’re Out (nearly 3 billion dollars!)”

Week 3: Strikes

Another busy week for General Motors! Last week I predicted that contract negotiations between the UAW and GM would “be a story to watch in the coming days and weeks.” By Monday of this week, stories came out that UAW workers at General Motors plants, “went on a nationwide strike early Monday morning in theContinue reading “Week 3: Strikes”

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