Introduction to General Motors

General Motors, currently headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, was incorporated in in 1908 and originally headquartered in Flint, Michigan. The company is currently under the leadership of CEO Mary T. Barra. General Motors is a widespread automobile manufacturer. Many automobile brands fall under GM’s umbrella, such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. With such an extensive catalogue of brands, it is easy to see how General Motors is the largest American automobile manufacturer and among the largest in the world. In its own words, “General Motors has been pushing the limits of transportation and technology for over 100 years. Today, we are in the midst of a transportation revolution. And we have the ambition, the talent and the technology to realize the safer, better and more sustainable world we want. “

One reason that I chose General Motors for this project is to learn more about them. GM is a name that I have heard many times; but I know very little about them. However, I am interested in General Motors even at a time when media coverage of the automobile industry seems to be dominated by Tesla. I believe that electric cars are incredibly interesting and I would love to see them grow in popularity. I think Elon Musk has been shedding light on an important innovation in the automobile industry. As interesting as Tesla is, they do not have a monopoly on the electric car market. I find it interesting to read about what other companies are doing to advance the use of electric vehicles and to reduce our collective human impact on the environment. GM is “committed to an all-electric future,” because, ” Our future depends on responsible stewardship of the earth, and we continually seek creative and innovative solutions for the environment.” Based on this exciting vision for the future, I would want to work for General Motors. Especially in America, humans are very reliant on automobiles to get them to and from various places. Even as we become more aware of our environmental impacts, I do not see the centrality of the car to American life changing anytime soon. However, a commitment to the evolution of the automobile ensures that GM will stay relevant despite changes in consumer preference. For these reasons, I would want to invest in GM at this point.

Thank you for reading this introductory blog post. I look forward to this journey of discovery, not only of General Motors, but of the larger business world as a whole.


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2 thoughts on “Introduction to General Motors

  1. nice job, Martin. I like the simple design of your blog, plus it seems to use a Nova color scheme! You may want to consider the use of an image with each post, but that is your call – it’s your blog. I’ll be curious to read your blog each week since GM is not a company I follow in the news. You may also want to consider some type of About Me post so that readers can learn a little bit about you.


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